Bring your emojis to life like never before!
Introducing SmileMoji, the After Effects Emoji Maker Tool!
With a vast library of pre-designed face characters and animations, SmileMoji allows you to create fun and engaging content in no time.

50+ Emoji Characters & Animations!
SmileMoji comes with 50 Professionally Designed Characters! You can create your own animations with the included Face Animation Suite, but to make your life simpler we have also included 50+ Facial Animations! Simply apply to any character with a single click!

Auto Lip-Sync Mouth & Face Expressions
Easily lip-sync the face emoji with your voice! The face rig will do this automatically for you, by analysing the volume of your sound and syncing the lips to it! You can further tweak this using the included Lip-Sync Alphabet!
Create Unique Expressions!
Using simple sliders you can combine over 50 Facial Expressions. This allows you to achieve any emotion you need, with millions of variations!
Face Design Studio
With SmileMoji’s Face Design Studio you can build your own emojis with countless variations, such as colours, hair styles, eyes, beard, moustaches, accessories and more!
Flat Design Switch
Easily switch between a 3D Shaded Face look to a 2D Flat Design with a single click!

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