Powerful tool.
Better results.
MegaMotion is a powerful tool, having  over 2000 Animation Motion Presets for After Effects and so much more!
MegaMotion comes with the most fundamental presets together with more complex animations, making it an essential creative tool for both beginners and advanced users alike.
Motion Presets Examples

MegaMotion is your only choice if you want
both simplicity and versatility.
Having both basic and advanced animations, from a simple “move in preset” to character movements and realistic physics.

You can also mix and match multiple presets on the same layer to create your own animations. Making this tool an unlimited source of new unique animations.
MegaMotion After Effects Presets Testimonials
MegaMotion Presets Panel
Included Animation Presets
In Out Animations
The perfect presets to animate your objects In & Out of screen. Can be used to create interesting transitions and more!
After Effects In and Out Presets
Middle Animations
Looping presets that animate throughout the layer. Easily enhance your project with beautiful animations!
After Effects Middle Animation Presets
Multiple Presets
Because we know you need flexibility, we have created a system where you can add multiple presets to the same layer.
Adding Multiple Presets
For the first time ever, our MegaMotion toolbar gives you direct access to the most useful animation tools you will need. 
MegaMotion Toolbar After Effects
Motion Presets Toolbar for After Effects
Save time.
Be Awesome.
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